5 Best Server and Network Racks for Home

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Server racks are built for storing and mounting servers. When used correctly, they can also accommodate other networking equipment like routers, modems, load balancers, or satellites of mesh routers. Apart from providing a safe enclosure for all your equipment, network and server racks also help to minimize chaos. 10u Server Cabinet

5 Best Server and Network Racks for Home

The good thing is that server & network racks are versatile and come in a variety of sizes. The sizes are commonly referred to as RU or Rack Unit. While standard racks can go as high as 42U, there are 6-8U racks as well. Or, if you have just a couple of network equipment that you need to mount, you can get a 3U rack as well.

So if you want to put all your networking equipment in order, here are some server and network racks for home. But before that,

The NavePoint 2U wall mount is the ideal buy if you want to enclose just the modem, router, or network switch. It’s a low-profile case and can be easily mounted on walls. It has vertical racks, which lend its slim look. More importantly, the extra room inside the rack gives the equipment room to breathe.

Apart from the racks, there’s a space for a patch panel for cable management.

This rack is made from metal and has several air vents to drive out hot air. Plus, the door can be locked for added security.

However, the space-saving design means that the price tag is a little on the higher side compared to conventional racks. One of its advantages is its slim design. Server racks are not the most aesthetic-looking products. So, if you do not want the rack to stick out like a sore thumb, it’s a good pick.

But if you do plan to upgrade your home network and add a couple of products, then you may have to buy a new rack all over again.

If you have a limited number of products, the Kenuco Steel Vertical Rack is a good pick, especially for home or home offices. It is a small and compact 3U rack, that is designed to hold a maximum of 3 compatible modems. This one is a vertical rack and can be easily mounted to walls.

All you need to do is slide your compatible modems into the rack, and screw them in place. It has a clever design wherein the sides are open, which paves the way for airflow.

It’s built well and is sturdy and can hold the needed weight. For the record, the maximum weight limit is 75 lbs. Apart from the rack, the company also ships the screws and other parts needed for installation.

So far, this server rack has raked in a good number of reviews, with people appreciating its sturdy build and the affordable price tag.

If you are looking for a sturdy wall-mount server rack, then you can’t go wrong with the 9U wall mount by NavePoint. The highlight of this rack is the reversible door and the built-in fan. The built-in fan allows hot air to escape and keep the insides cool, as you may have guessed.

It’s a metal cabinet and has a solid design. More importantly, the instructions are clear, and the rack is easy to put together. Moreover, the company ships hardware like screws and bolts in clearly marked packages, which is a huge plus.

The 9U measurement means that you can keep several network equipment together. At the same time, the cabinet has a removable passthrough that allows for easy cable management, while the adjustable racks give you extra room for the equipment.

The front door can be locked, and it’s a bonus if you are wary of letting your modems and routers sit out in the open.

Another server and network rack are the ones by V7. This one is a 6U wall-mountable rack with vented sides. Though it doesn’t have a built-in fan, the vents help to keep the inside cool. This rack has a clever design, and when the need arises, you can open the side panels. The best part is that the door is reversible and can be opened on the side of your preference.

Unlike the NavePoint rack, it doesn’t have a fan, but you can install one on your own.

The V7 RMWC6U-1N is a popular product on Amazon and has more than 1,000 reviews to its credit. Users love it for its durability, solid build, and flexibility it brings to the table. Though it’s a wall-mounted rack, you can utilize the included casters, should you want to keep in on the floor.

Alternatively, you can have a look at the Tripp Lite 6U Wall Mount Rack Enclosure.

Buy Tripp Lite 6U Wall Mount Rack Enclosure

What sets the StarTech.com rack apart from the rest is its open design. It doesn’t have any walls or glass enclosures. Instead, it’s a simple triangular 12U rack with mounting rails on the sides. All you need to do is mount your modems and switches one after the other. Or, if you wish, you can gap them out.

Like some racks on this list, you can either screw the compatible equipment directly or attach a shelf to hold them in place.

At the same time, it’s a floor rack. The construction is solid, and several users have praised this feature. Installation is no rocket science, and it takes only a couple of minutes to put it together.

If you want to spend more on your networking gadgets and care less about the looks, then this StarTech rack is a good pick. Do note that there’s no option to keep the rack under lock and key.

If you live in a larger house or have access to more than one internet connection, network and server racks like the ones above help ease most of your issues.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is to get a shelf if your equipment is not rack-compatible.

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5 Best Server and Network Racks for Home

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