5t 20m offshore telescopic boom marine deck hydraulic crane

5T 20M offshore telescopic boom marine deck hydraulic cranesCargo Marine Handling Port CraneSWL25tonMax working radiusMax 35mMin working radius6mHeel/trim50/20Hoisting speed0-20m/min(<=25t)& 0-40m/min(<=10t)Slewing speed 0.5r/mSlewing angle<3600(with limited)Luffing time100sHoisting height45mPressure 25MpaPower sour

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5T 20M offshore telescopic boom marine deck hydraulic cranes

Cargo Marine Handling Port Crane

Max working radiusMax 35m
Min working radius6m
Hoisting speed0-20m/min(<=25t)& 0-40m/min(<=10t)
Slewing speed 0.5r/m
Slewing angle<3600(with limited)
Luffing time100s
Hoisting height45m
Pressure 25Mpa
Power source380v50hz3p
Grab bucket12m3
Maximum opening size5.3m
Max height5.2m
Head size 3500*2450mm
Total Weight ~78ton(with grab)

5t 20m Offshore Telescopic Boom Marine Deck Hydraulic Cranes

 Technial Specification:

5t 20m Offshore Telescopic Boom Marine Deck Hydraulic Cranes

The availability of a telescopic or fixed jib extension on a telescopic boom is not only easy to attach and use, but it makes it possible to extend the reach of the crane boom by as much as 40 meter. With a jib, boom cranes are capable of reaching boom lengths as tall as 35 meter, which is very beneficial when placing loads at height or lifting personnel by using a basket.
5t 20m Offshore Telescopic Boom Marine Deck Hydraulic Cranes

Main Features And Advantages

5t 20m Offshore Telescopic Boom Marine Deck Hydraulic Cranes

Cargo Marine Handling Port Crane

1. Compact design

2. Small footprint

3. Delivered as one complete unit ready for installation to vessels

4. Easy access for periodic maintenance, service and repair

5.24 hours after-sales service support.

5t 20m Offshore Telescopic Boom Marine Deck Hydraulic Cranes
 Configuration Options

Standard  equipment

#  360 C* continuous rotation.

#  -10 C*----+45 C* working temperature.

#  certified A36 & S690 steel structure.

#  pedestal ready for mounting or weld to vessel main structure .

#  stainless steel grease nipples.

#  precise step less speed control.

#  simultaneous operations of 2 or more function.

#  emergency for hydraulic stop device.

#  visual and audible warning alarm.

Optional equipment

#  lower temperature package up to -40 C*.

#  certification for personal lifting.

#  wireless  remote  control

#  operator cabin with AC and heating.

#  ATEX package and certification.

#  man riding winch.

#  centralized grease system.

#  multiple setting of load limiting system.

#  automatic overload protection system .

#  warning and working lights.

#  load indicator system.

#  other upon request.

Rotatory Motor
offer capacities of high pressure and high torque in the wide of applications.
Advanced design in disc distribution flow, which can automatically compensate in operating with high volume efficiency and long life, provide smooth and reliable operation.
Control Valve
Our marine crane use hydraulic control valve ,DANFOSS,HC or LEDUC.
Can provide Continuously variable speed operation
Achieve precise control of the crane
Suitable for long-term use at sea
After-sales guarantee

Hydraulic Pack
SIEMENS or ABB motor are chosen with IP5 level of protection. It can bear water from any direct and has a stable power output it  more reliable and safe than others and can work in high temperature and low temperature environment.
Slewing Bearing
Slewing bearing is equipped with a leak tight seal between the rotary rings, to prevent water and dust entering the tracks. All our rotation bearings screws tightened by highest standard dynamo metric bolt so it's very safe.
Electric Control Case
We use French Schneider it can bear a long working time and high or low temperature so it's have a long service life and safe on the sea.

5t 20m Offshore Telescopic Boom Marine Deck Hydraulic Cranes

Please provide following necessary information,so we can quote right Model crane.

1. What kind of marine crane do you need(stiff boom crane, telescopic boom crane knuckle boom crane knuckle telescopic crane or folding boom crane )

2. Crane SWL requested(___ T/___M)

3. Max. working radius of the crane(___M)

4. The crane will be used on ship, offshore platform or fixed platform (motor 380V or 440V)

5. If you have any other special request for the crane, please advise us, we will design the suitable model for you. 



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