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Characteristics of QTZ80 (TC5513) -8T Tower Crane(TC5513) construction tower craneTower Crane QTZ80(5513)1. Max. Load: 8t2. Jib length: 55m3. Tip load: 1.3t4. Free standing height: 45m5. Max. Height: 150m6. Mast size: 1.83X1.83X2.5m7. Lift motor power: 47.5KWMechanical load rate Hoisting mechanismM5swing mechanismM4luffing

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Characteristics of QTZ80 (TC5513) -8T Tower Crane

(TC5513) construction tower crane
Tower Crane QTZ80(5513)
1. Max. Load: 8t
2. Jib length: 55m
3. Tip load: 1.3t
4. Free standing height: 45m
5. Max. Height: 150m
6. Mast size: 1.83X1.83X2.5m
7. Lift motor power: 47.5KW

Mechanical load rate
Hoisting mechanismM5
swing mechanismM4
luffing mechanismM4
Hoisting mechanismelectromotortypeYZRDW250M1-4/8
Limiter of heighttypeFKDX-G
steel wire ropetype6X37-15-1770-I
Max. Pulling force20000
Hoist speed(m/min)80.3641.0539.3720.11
Rated  hoisting capacity(t)2448
Min. stable descending speedm/min≤7
swing mechanismelectromotortypeYZR132M2-6
Hydraulic clutchtypeYOX280A
hinge pins of swivelingmodulus      m12
tooth number    z16
modification coefficient0.5
Swing speedr/min0.64
Straight 4 point contact ball type bearingstype011@45@1400
modulus       m12
tooth number   z131
Hydraulic jacking systemelectromotortypeY132M-4B5
Oil cylinder rated working pressureM pa25
Max  lift forcet50
Cylinder stroke
Mounting spacemm2070
Cylinder diameter mmφ160
oil cylinder piston rod diametermmφ110
Climbing Speedm/min0.4
luffing mechanismelectromotortypeYDEJ132S-4/8
steel wire ropetype6×19-7.7-1550-
ranging speedm/min44/22

Tower Crane Characteristics  
Compared to other company's construction machinery, MINGWEI construction machinery has the following features:
1. The using steel is 16M and Q235B which the manufacture is Shanghai Baosteel. After test for qualified, then can use.
2. Painting Process. After shot-blast cleaning, spraying anti-rust paint, then spray paint.
3.  Welding process use high-strength wire. Main joints use special steel and special process. Mingwei company is the first company to adopt mast sections and main chord robot automatic welding system in China. The system is reliable in performance and high efficiency with high degree of automation, so that one worker can observe several welding systems. The quality and efficiency of welding are greatly improved. In terms of the welding quality of main load structure, the products reach the advanced international standard.
4. Electric device. Use international well-known manufacturers' electrical products, such as Schneider.
5. Motor, deceleration devices use domestic famous manufacturers' products, eg:  Shanghai, Jiangxi Special Electric Motor Co., Ltd.,Tianjin etc, to ensure the long life.
6. For cab, electrical device box, acid cleaning and parkerising, then painting, to ensure a long usage life.
7. Machine total weight is 3-5 tons heavier than the same type of tower crane in other manufacturers.
8. Each device is in strict test,  then can packed to ship, to ensure that the trouble after leave the factory reduced to the minimum.
9. Reliable quality, advanced technology, reasonable price, the best configuration, high safety factor, cost-effective ---MINGWEI products is trust worthy, we can ensure the customers  buy the products assured and use happy.

 Our services
1. Customized service. We can do all special design according to your requirement
2. welcome visit our factory, learn about our factory and products. 
3. 24 hours on line or phone , technical support

After sale service
1. We provide free spare part with equipment and send Technicians to maintenance when necessary.

2. The Seller will send one of her experienced engineer to the Buyer's site to help the
completed installation works and training operators under the requirement of the Buyer.

3. 12(twelve)months (except for wire rope and AC contactor) after the equipment be well erected and we will offer spare parts whole year long. 

4lifelong time freely provide technical support .


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